Monthly Archives: February 2012


Don’t worry.
Of course, I’ll forget you.
Like spring forgets winter.
Without a trace.

I will welcome new loves
with a wink, a smile and
a few sweet words.
And new loves will flower all
over my heart wiping out the
barren emptiness
of your memory.

I will kiss new lips,
will be hugged by
new arms,
missed in new hearts
learn new accents,
bury my head in new breasts,
gasp new names in new beds.

Life goes on, baby!

I’ll be too busy
to even
remember you,
except when you
like some mutual
friend’s post
on Facebook.

Or once in a while
when I am
feeling too lazy
to switch on the
lap top to watch
porn I might wank off
thinking about you.

That’s about all.

I’m sorry if you
think that is rude.
I don’t want to be rude.
Rude takes effort.

Forget it!


Fi Amanillah

When I am away, my love, may
you be under the gaze
of the All Merciful.

Safe in His hands.

May unhappiness not dare
to look in your direction

May the all the stars of the vast night light up your dreams

May the East Wind cool
the sweat of your brows.

May the clouds be your pillows.

May His sweet breath be your breath.

May the entire creation end
before a frown creases your brow.

May you sleep under
His everlasting smile,
till I wake up
and kiss you awake.

Goodnight, my treasure.


patience and love
have nothing to do
with each other.

Come now
or I’ll die.

You are the one.
How many times to tell?
There is no other.
There never was.
There never will be.

You made me,
I made you,
Don’t make me wait.

Tomorrow, you say?

How cruel you are?
Who lives that long?
My heart can’t wait till
tomorrow to beat.
My lungs, to breathe.

Now is all I have.
Now is all we have.

Now is when I want
to lose myself
escape this body
look upon your loving face
bask in your everlasting warmth
wash myself clean in the
shower of your affections.

To end this fretting.
To end this biting of teeth.
This racing.
This pacing.

To be finally calm.

Don’t be cruel, my beloved.
Don’t make me wait, my other.

I’ll die.


No love, please!

Let’s just fuck, no?

Without expectations,
without guarantees.

No heartbreaks,
No missing.

Fuck like beasts fuck.
Without thinking.

Just groaning and moaning
and slapping, and tongue-ing and lipping, goosebumping and panting and trembling and mumbling and inhaling and caressing and clutching and stroking and teasing and tickling and gasping and shuddering and coming.

And then walking away
like beasts do.

Without a backward glance.
Without a goodbye.
Grazing slowly onwards to
greener pastures.

Not with a heavy heart.
Just with a full belly.


Not having a sense
of occasion is so sad.

So many people just
don’t have it.

They wake up every morning,
yawn, stretch, scratch their
privates, grab a coffee,
read the morning papers
full of nothing,
shit, shag, shave,
tune into morning

tune out.

While the tiny piece
of blue rock they are on
sligshots, at roughly
ninety times the speed
of a speeding bullet
around a
held in place
by gravity.

Which is why
the sun is round.

How about
a moment of awe,


You say everyone
should have a
second chance at happiness?

Are you serious?

Most damaged
people won’t
recognise happiness
if they were run over by it.

They are absent.
They have locked
themselves away
in their past and
thrown the
keys away.

The bitter taste
of past on their tongue
makes them
push away the
sweet cup of the

Paranoia chooses
their friends
for them.

Low self esteem
their loves.

Regret decides
how wasted they
are gonna get
every night.
Reality being

Rage slaps away
every offered hand
of friendship.

It hurts just to
watch them unravel.

Second chance at
happiness, my ass!

Optimism must be the most
widespread brain defect
known to man.

Thank you

My life is the sum
total of kindnesses
of women.

I wouldn’t
be writing this
were it not for a woman
kind enough to carry
me in her womb
for nine months.
Kind enough to
nurse me,
watch over me,
love me unconditionally,
no matter how
I have been of
that love.

Other women,
aunts, sisters,
listened to me
advised me,
scolded me
comforted me
till I found
my feet.

And then all the
women who had been
kind enough
teach me

Kind enough to
show me the intricate
workings of the heart.
Its many hues
other than
the obvious red.

Kind enough to
Break me.
Make me.
Help me find myself.
Make me lose myself.
Teach me to fly.
Bring me down to earth.

Kind enough to
break my heart
so I learn to
love myself.
Be unbreakable.
Be a survivor.
Be forgiving.

Finally understand poetry.

Gratitude, queens!