Good advice

Hello there, beautiful!

Yes, you,
the pretty one,
looking down
that road.

I hope you are not
waiting for that
crazy bastard.

That mad man,
In whose eyes you were
drowning three days back
in that strange inn,
where cats played
the piano.

Yes, I saw you both.

I hope you are not
waiting for his rock
heart to turn into
fertile black soil.

I hope you have not
put all your eggs in that
Insane basket.

He’s doesn’t trust himself,
that paranoid fuck.
And you want him to trust you.
Don’t wait up for him.

He’s fucking his way
to self loathing in some
wayside inn down the road.

He’s in a dark place.
And he not looking for light.

But for you the long day is breaking.

Start walking.
One foot before
the other.

And soon the
broken heart
will begin to mend.

You’ll survive yet, my love.

No one dies of a broken heart.
That’s just shit
poets have made up.

You’ll be fine.


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Judgmental, self-obsessed, pompous, unbalanced and brilliant. In that order. View all posts by ramanujshastry

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