Sun salutations

I salute thee,
O the only visible
miracle in the sky,
studiously ignored
by all.

I salute thy love for
my mother, the earth,
who you have never
forgotten warm with
your affection.

I salute thee, O lover,
for a love so generous
even the moon,
my mother’s
glows in it.

I salute thee,
O giver of life,
for the life you have
given me and my entire
extended family
my distant second
cousin the grasshopper
and my distant aunt,
the bee.

I salute thee,
O tireless one,
for not minding
being predictable,
being taken
for granted,
being cursed at
because you know what
you are doing
is good
and you don’t give a
rat’s ass what your
children think
like a
loving and
stern father.

I salute thee, O giver of
Vitamin D and the cause
of photo-synthesis.

I salute thee,
O thermo-nuclear  proof
of a massive
conspiracy of Love.

You so totally rock!


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Judgmental, self-obsessed, pompous, unbalanced and brilliant. In that order. View all posts by ramanujshastry

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