The silver lining

The day your beard
starts greying,
crack open a beer,
my friends, for
happy days
are here

You are now the
great clearance
sale of youth.

And since girls
love a bargain,
they will stampede,
they will riot for a
piece of you.

They will buy your
with the ready cash
of their naivety.

And as a gaggle of
nubile beauties
hang on breathlessly
for the next
word of wisdom
to fall from your lips
you suddenly smile at
the irony of it all.

When you were young
and horny enough to
fuck a telephone
pole if it wore a skirt,
young women of your
time didn’t give you
the time of the

How things change.

The snooty beauties
of that time
are now desperately
botoxing their sagging
everything in a
futile attempt to
halt the cruel
march of age.

They had their time.
You are having yours.

Life is so bloody fair,
after all.


About ramanujshastry

Judgmental, self-obsessed, pompous, unbalanced and brilliant. In that order. View all posts by ramanujshastry

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