Truth is

“You know what
I like about you?”
She grinned over
her Mojito, circling
the rim of the glass
with a perfect red nail,
“The fact that you
are such a slut!”

I grinned back.

She always hits the nail
on the head.

She hates lies.
She’s the most
honest woman
I know.

She’s the old school
cock tease.
She says so her self.

She likes making men
warm, even strangers.
She’s hot like that.

She is full of a
million angers.
She has body
that can only be called
a genetic gift.

She can eat any man
off the table.
She can drink any man
under the table.
She has a smile like
a sledge hammer
and two sharp knives
for eyes.

She’s told me she
might think about
sleeping  with me
in seven years time,
if I exhibit

Seven years?
It’s nothing.

I am such a slut.


About ramanujshastry

Judgmental, self-obsessed, pompous, unbalanced and brilliant. In that order. View all posts by ramanujshastry

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