On the evening of
Christmas eve
we met up to
celebrate nothing
in particular.

After the second
H-bomb of a joint
she asked me if I’d
be interested in
a game of darts.

I suck at darts,
but being stoned
I readily agreed.

We had three
darts each and
winner was to be
decided after
five rounds.

She was very good.
She looked superb
as she lined up the
the dart to the board,
like some amazonian

And since she was
looking at the board,
I could look at her.
At the hook of her nose.
At the black holes of her iris.
At the pride of her full breasts.

I was lucky to
a get even a few
darts on the board.

She got the bullseye twice.

I was  played and

And then the ‘ting’
from her oven.
Her cake was baked.
As was mine.

I had a slice.
Kissed her cheek.
Both very yummy.

Praise the Lord for
such a merry Christmas!


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