Monthly Archives: February 2013

You are hired

The moment I said ‘I love you’
to you I employed you.

To worry about me.
To be mad at me.
To forgive me.
To listen to my whines.
To lick my wounds.
To be jealous of
everything else I love.
To remember everything I like.
To daydream of me.
To correct my stupidities.
To give me good advice.
To stalk me on Facebook.
To read all my poems.
To laugh at my silly jokes.
To love me in spite of me.
To hope for me.
To improve me.
To hug me.
To miss me.
To kiss me.

It’s a full time job, baby!

Hope you’re liking it?


I don’t want anything

I don’t want anything.

That’s what you say when
you are disappointed
with me.

Like when I say
I am busy,
or that I can’t meet you,
even when I know
you want to so much.

When I try to talk
reason to your

Every time
I say ‘I can’t’
to your ‘I want.’

I don’t want anything,
you say then.
In a voice wet like
a cloud, lonely like an

And even as I bite
my tongue the words
are already said,
the knife’s twisted in the gut,
the door shut on the face
of a young, naked hope  by
my rude grown up hands.

I wish I never  had to say
no to you, my love.

I wish life was that simple.

But even if life is tough
and cruel and unjust I
still have you and your
mad, hot love and it’s
really enough.

I don’t want anything.

On how to conduct yourself

‘So how many women
have you slept with?’
She said, playing
with my hair.

I rolled over and looked
into her twinkling eyes
and smiled ‘It’s not
gentlemanly to
keep a score, you know.’

‘I am too much of a lady
to ask for a score’
She said, as she lit a joint
‘Gimme a ballpark.’

I gave her a ballpark.

She rolled around laughing
for a bit, hugged me
and said ‘ Are you in advertising?’
Because where else
can such reputation be
built out of so little? ‘

‘ We try harder, ma’am’
I grinned.

‘Show me’ she said,
in a tone that was
all challenge.

I was getting late for
a meeting.

But it’s not gentlemanly
to walk away from
a challenge.

It’s tough life,
being a gentleman.

Don’t stop me

Don’t smile so much,
you tell me.

‘As much as you laugh,
so much shall you cry ‘
you tell me
imitating your mother
my mother, and in fact
every mother ever.

They all believe in a
just God who
equitably distributes
laughter and tears.

God has better things
to do than keep score,
me think.

And I’ve shed
my share of tears,
thank you.
Cried enough.
Done with it.

Now I have you.
So, I will grin all day.

And all your kisses,
and old wive’s tales
can’t stop me.


When you are not there,
your whole house is like an
empty platform.

Rooms like hearts that
have forgotten to beat.

Everything is waiting.

To be shaken out of stupor
with your locomotive arrival.

All steam, smoke and whistle.

Everything is waiting.

The walls to echo with your
whoops and peels of laughter.

The drapes to be pulled
impatiently shut.

The fan to whirl.
The tea to boil.
The clock to tick.
My blood to bark.
My teeth to bite.

Come soon.

Let me be

Let me be barefoot for a bit.
It’s not like I walk on
the moon everyday.

I am in love,
you hear me?

Head over heels,
heart over mind,
earth over sky
in love.

I am in love with you.
I am in love with the idea of loving you.
In love with the idea of you loving me.
The idea of us in love.

I know you are
laughing at me.
Yes, I am the crazy fool
that loves you.

Without knowing how or why.
When or what.
Which and whose.
Whoa, I’m high.

Let me be drunk for a while,
It not like it rains wine


It will never be enough.
No matter how much
time we spend together.

Never enough.

Because like a river that
changes, you are renewed

And I never kiss the
same you twice.

Everyday you change
ever so slightly.

Marinated  a little more
in love, steeped a little
more in wisdom, like a
good wine maturing,
getting headier with each
passing day.

Its taste, a little more

Come now, give me your lips.

I have come a long way
thirsting for this
heady brew.

This intoxication
that is you.