Monthly Archives: March 2013

Energiser bunny

What tires us is sameness.

We are so damn tired
every evening
because of all the
mindless, repetitive things
we keep doing all day.

And the more boring the job
the more tired we get.

Like our souls drip out
of our hearts to form
puddles in our shoes
we are dragging home.

Dead tired.

Tired beyond tired.

The little child inside us
with the tedium.

Keep that child on her toes.
Keep her interested.
Do new things always.
So that the heart never
forgets to skip.

Remember this.

The less you repeat yourself
the less you need to
remember history.


The answer

God gave me everything
I ever asked him for
as a single answer.


A kindred of soul
that I have prayed for
in nights darker
than sin,
blacker than

My lost other half.
The one that completes me.

Only  you get my drift.
Only you dance to
the mad songs
my heart sings.

What a sweet fate!

To live loved and
to die understood.

Don’t hold back

You must always
bite off more than
you can chew.

It’s good for you.

It makes for stronger jaws,
sharper teeth and
a larger appetite for

The more you risk,
the more you gain.

You must be willing
get out of your depth
to  learn swimming.

To lift more than
you can is the only
way to get stronger.

You  know what
your limits are when
you push beyond

There is nothing you
can’t do.

You just don’t
know that

An application

Dear Madam,

We are delighted with
our association till now.

It has been highly
pleasurable and enriching,
this collaboration.

The fact that you are
passionate and a fast
learner is a decided plus.

Added to this
the fact that
you are a fantastic kisser
has made us wonder if you
would be interested in
a long term engagement.

Like a life time.

We promise we shall
never give you any
cause for complaint.

We thank  you
in advance for your
unconditional  acceptance
of our offer.

Yours besotted

All of me.

My wild ass of Kutch

If you were an animal
you would be
a wild ass of Kutch.

A donkey who’s smart
enough to be  wild.

Wise enough to choose
not to be
a beast of burden.

A cousin of the
beautiful horse
that plays for people,
a sister  of the donkey
that works for them,
yet, a free spirit.

Whose  brays of laughter
raises the hackles of a
sleeping society.

There’s nothing they can do.

You  are a creature
of the moon and salt pans,
of thirsty, cold nights and
hot, dry days.

Not for you the
shackles of
nooses and saddles.

What  you know and try to
tell an unheeding world is this
– it’s dumb not to roam free.

My missing festival of colours

Since you  left,
colours look different.

The  reds are no longer
the cherry of your lips.

The greens are no more
the green of my jealousy
when you smiled at another.

The yellows are hardly the
yellow of the sun that shone
my heart.

The blues are not the blue
of the sky shimmering
in your hurt eyes.

Everything has faded under
the unforgiving gaze
of regret.

Holi is not the same.

Why we cheat

We cheat for the
same reason that  water
flows downhill.

Because it’s the most
natural thing to do.

Cheating is
what we humans
do best.

Half the time we
are cheating others,
and the rest of the time,

We cheat because
what we want and
what we can have
are so fucking different.

And we are
too fucking smart
to accept that.

So we cheat.

I cheat when I love you.

I cheat fate.
I cheat age.
I cheat death, my life,
when you kiss me.