Monthly Archives: July 2013

Easy with that rage

Anger is a fire
that you must always
use to forge a better you.

Use the fire of your
rage to melt the bars
of weakness that imprison you.

Be furious only with yourself.
At your own goddamned laziness.
At your own stupid insecurities.
At your own pathetic neediness.

Be angry.
and use that anger.

To burn away your dross.
To torch away your  baseness.

The only person
worth being angry
about is yourself.

It’s wasted on others.


Try not to sin

If you believe in
an all merciful God
it is a sin to despair.

For every door that
the world slams shut
on your face He opens
a thousand new doors.

To be disappointed with
life is the closest
you can come to

His kindness is
infinite like the night sky
and though we are many
He has time for us all.

That’s why He’s God.

He watches over snails
and cats and prime ministers
and chimpanzees  with equal

And perhaps smiles a little
when prime ministers
think they are more important
than snails.

Hope is Heaven.
Hell is despair.

And we hold both
within us.

To choose hell is a sin
when you can live
in heaven.

Missing in action

Everyone goes away
sometimes to a place
where no one can

Somewhere deep
inside them,
when they are hurting
or sad.

They switch off.
Drop  off the radar,
Become  off limits.
Let time slide off them.
Watch hours, afternoons
and days pass.

It’s another way of healing,
I guess.

One of the ways
people work
things out in this

A  leave of
absence from life.

Dear Dad

You turn
seventy five today.

That is three quarters
of a century, dad!

You have survived
the Great Depression,
the Second World War,
the British Rule,
the Partition
and two insane


You have never let your
poor eye sight come
in the way of devouring

You have never let your
humble beginnings
make you miserly
about money.

Nor your frail health
from teaching thousands
of students, tirelessly.

Forty long years of the
chalk and the blackboard
and moulding young  minds.

You must love it.

‘ Those who can, do.
Those who can’t, teach.’
you are fond of saying.

I disagree, dad.

Few men have achieved
so much with so little.

You are still my biggest hero.

And I’ll  be proud
if I am half the
man you are.

The long journey

When we start kissing
in the backseat of a cab,
by the time we come up for air,
we are already in a different
postal zone

She likes that.

‘Hurry ruins everything’
she whispers as she
pulls me to her,

Don’t be sad

I hate to taste the
salt of your tears
when I kiss you.

Doesn’t go with
your honey lips.

Don’t be sad.
I can’t bear it.

Yes, life has been
unfair to you.
But then, who has
it been fair to?

We all have been dealt
bad hands in this game
called life.
We win some,
we lose some.
And then we die.

And so it goes.

Don’t ruin your mascara
over it.