Try not to sin

If you believe in
an all merciful God
it is a sin to despair.

For every door that
the world slams shut
on your face He opens
a thousand new doors.

To be disappointed with
life is the closest
you can come to

His kindness is
infinite like the night sky
and though we are many
He has time for us all.

That’s why He’s God.

He watches over snails
and cats and prime ministers
and chimpanzees  with equal

And perhaps smiles a little
when prime ministers
think they are more important
than snails.

Hope is Heaven.
Hell is despair.

And we hold both
within us.

To choose hell is a sin
when you can live
in heaven.


About ramanujshastry

Judgmental, self-obsessed, pompous, unbalanced and brilliant. In that order. View all posts by ramanujshastry

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