Monthly Archives: September 2013

I promise you this

I will not die without
kissing you, my love.

I promise you that.

We can’t be  together.
So what?

Our words  caress us.
Our wants warm us.
Our love that refuses to die
astonishes us daily.

I can’t wait to be
in your arms and I can
wait forever for that.

That’s how deep this runs.

I may not watch
the sun set or the
moon rise with you
but I miss
you everyday.

I don’t know
how the dice will roll,
what the stars foretell
or what tomorrow
may bring.

But I know this much.

I will not die without
kissing you.



I am trying to rid
myself  of your poison.

See, you are bad for me.

My love for you,
you that I can’t have,
is tearing me up from

I’m trying.
I’m trying not to crave.
Trying not  to obsess.

It’s tough .
I have trouble forgetting.
And the memories hurt like a bitch.

I am taking this one day at a time.

Hopefully in time I can
spend an entire day,
or even two days,
who knows even a  week
without thinking of you.

Seems impossible now.
But I know I can do this.

I used to be strong once.

The last storms

Rain lashes the earth.

The sky makes furious
love to the earth one last time,
grief-crazed at the
coming year- long

Thunder heralds their union.
Lightening lights up their faces.
The murmur of their kisses
fills up the sleepless night.

Monsoon is ending.

Be fickle

Never have too much of
anyone or anything.

Like songs, not bands.
Like books, not authors.
Like dishes, not eateries.
Have loves,  not devotion.

Be fickle because
there is so much to
choose from.

An abundant universe
expects you to be.

Remember that.

Behave like a rich man.
not a beggar.

Be like a butterfly.

A springtime is too much
to waste on any one flower.




Random acts of cruelty

The need for you
refuses to die.

Under the ashes,
it smoulders.

You like fanning it
from time to time.

Just to watch
my coal heart glow.

Just to make sure
nothing important
has changed
in all this time.
Then you walk away.
An absent minded smile on your lips.
Strangely content.

My heart is your reality check.

I get it.
It hurts like hell.
But it’s alright.

Anything for you.

A grey day

It’s one of those days
when nothing matters.

People don’t matter.
God doesn’t matter.
Work doesn’t matter.
Play doesn’t matter.

Then I think of you
and smile.

You matter.
You are the only
thing that does.
You have made this happen.
You have made me your own.

But apart from you
not much else, love.

It’s one if those days.

Waiting for summer

‘Where are the poems?’
She asked.

The poems have migrated to
some  distant hemisphere of my
brain for the winter, my love.

I am in the cold here.
I am in the dark.
Fighting my demons.
Wresting with my terrors.

Trying to be brave through
the dark night.

Waiting for summer to

And the winged words with it.

Give me some time.