Monthly Archives: October 2013

How bad?

Every time I close my eyes
I close the wound
that your mouth is
with mine.

Your burning white chest
soaked with rainwater
and sin, hot against mine.

The sun in your chest
passing through to my chest
and the night is a loop,
looping in a loop.

Can I trust you, you head fuck?

Loop before you leap.
Don’t look.

That bewildered
look of agony
in your eyes when
your lungs are full
of hash smoke,
every inch of your
insides trying to
tear away from the

I would like to think
that’s your orgasm

The way you look
when you are coming,
has to be the look
when you are going.


So far away
yet your breath
scald my cheek.

It’s that bad.



In the end there was Manu,
the last man.

Also, the first man,
once the world as
he knew it ended.

He happened to be
kind to a little fish
and saved him from
being eaten by bigger fish.

Messing with natural order
with his kindness.

Which was just as well,
for that  tiny  fish
grew and grew until it
was enormous.

So big, that the terrified
man knew it had to be
the Lord Himself.

And it was He.
The biggest fish of them all.

And that massive fish
drew the boat, with the
lonely, kind man in it,
over the waters when
the great floods came.

When the whole creation
was made one watery grave.

And the lonely, kind man
on the little boat waited
patiently for the waters to
recede and the mud of
of the past to bear
flowers again.

And the gods gave the  man
a woman to love and fill the
world with his offsprings.

She was warm
like kindness, apple breasted,
rosy lipped with a smile
that made one want
to live again.

She was the first
love of the last man.

The last love
of the first man.

And mother of us all.

Don’t despair

Don’t hurt for the
uncaring, my love.

Some people can’t give.
Forgive them and walk on.

The world is too abundant
a place to feel poor.

For every miser you meet
there are a thousand who’ll
gladly carve out their hearts
for you.

Keep your chin up
and save your tears
for some unexpected
act of kindness.

And don’t believe
everything you read.

It’s not gravity that
holds the world together.

It’s love.

Losing you

I watch you go
further and further
away each day.

The shadow between
us lengthening.

The chill of disappointment
drawing our
mouth into thin lines.

The fog of
settling over us.

I can’t see you anymore
even when you are there,
sitting before me,
stirring your drink

Too much tear has flown
since we kissed last.

The sweet of your mouth
long forgotten in all the
salt and bitterness.

How silent we have
grown, the chattering
magpies in love.

Spring goes so fast.

So fast.


That night we
stayed up all night,
talking from
from dawn to dusk?

Suddenly alone
in the crowd
of our friends
milling about,
lost  in each other?

How we never touched,
yet our eyes never
left each other-
each  look  a hug,
a caress,  a kiss,
a promise?

And  how the sun that
had set on strangers
shone the next morning
on lovers?


One eyed

For three days I was
one eyed.

A freak accident.

And suddenly I was the
king if the blind.
Devoid of perspective.
My world two
dimensional like a TV set.

And then an epiphany
that to be just is to have
no perspective.

To be just is to know
not the difference
between big and small,
mighty and meek.

Hence the one-eyed rule over
the blind who see nothing
and the two eyed who
see too much.

My eye has healed now
and I am back
to being unfair
like life.

Just in time

They met after months
awkward like strangers,
suddenly distant.

Both wondering how they
got reached
this unfamiliar place.

As the evening and
silence  gathered
he got up to leave,
gathering his scattered

“Hope you’re not
forgetting anything?’
she said at the door.He drew her to him.

He was.