Monthly Archives: November 2013

Show business

No business like it.

People being used,
abused day in, day out.
Yet no one really minds.

Money is not the only
reason why.

Everybody is high
on something here:
power, beauty, talent,

The adulation
of a billion people
can send you to cloud nine.
Their indifference can
rip up your insides.
And they are
such a fickle billion.

It’s a gamble and
the stakes are high.
your  sanity.
your one chance at
your friendships.
your love.

If you won’t let
it consume you,
you won’t succeed.

If you succeed, you
won’t have any one to
share it with.

No business like it.



The deathless old men
quarrel and boast of
conquests  and speak of
the good old days endlessly.

The middle aged men huddle around
muttering over their drinks,
knocking them back fast,
squinting at the  pretty,  young
things flitting around like
so many butterflies,
all moisturised flesh and Prada,
flushed and giggly
from being felt up
by so many eyes.

The nervous young men
stand around being

Everybody  hates
everybody else.

Grab a drink.

Alcohol makes
the whole thing
more bearable.

Also it’s still an hour
before you can make a
any sort of polite exit.


Looking up

One joint,
two  joints,
three joints,

And looking up at
the halo of your face,
fringed by your hair,
looking down at me,
lit by an incandescent smile
that I can feel in my
big toes.

A happy sigh
escapes me that’s half
a question.

What’s a
goddess like you
doing with a man
like me? 

Time is what we don’t have

Today a neighbour
of mine passed away.

Not an old man.
Must be in his early sixties.
Regular player of squash.

Fit as a fiddle in the morning.
Gone in the evening.

Just like that.

Leaving behind
plans not finished,
holidays not taken,
grandchildren not kissed,
places not visited,
friends unmet,
apologies unsaid.

We always think,
we have time.

We never do.


I read somewhere
that only the
paranoid survive.

If that is true,
I most certainly
don’t wish to survive.

I will not go though life
looking over my shoulder,
chewing my nails raw,
double checking every lock,
suspecting of every one.

What shit!

Who wants to live in
a world like that?
Not me.

Yes, there is enough
bad in this world.

But if I only think
of that what a waste
that is
of my time here.

This insanely beautiful
world that can choke you up
with its beauty, if you
care to just stop and look.

Rob me blind.
Take everything I own.

What will be left is
everything I cherish.

That’s enough, really.
More than enough.

To begin with

When I think of you
I think of your eyes first.
Bright, burning, fierce.
So much life shining

Then I think of your voice.
Sweet  like want
dipped in honey.

Then I think of your mouth:
eager, hungry, insatiable.

Then I think of your bright body
and all thoughts evaporate
under the hot midday
sun my urgent need.

And I go blank.
like the November sky.

Miracles happen

For thirty six summers
I roamed the earth
as a vagabond.

Chasing ambitions,
running after fancies,
pulled along by my destiny,
pushed along by  fate.

I laughed at the thought
of settling down.

And then, one day,
a tiny miracle happened.
I held you in my hand and
realised that you are the only
address I will ever need.

Your bright eyes, my walls.
Your smile, my roof.

And in the space of one
gurgling smile
I settled down.

My nomad past, forgotten.

All my priorities respectfully
shuffling back one step,
to make space for my most
important one – you