Monthly Archives: March 2014


I managed only
a lowly second division
in my graduation.

My parents
were devastated.
Jobs were scarce then.
Good grades were everything.

My parents accused me
of lack of concentration.
Damn right they were.

I was eighteen.
All testosterone
and day dreams.
In a college full of 18 year
old girls with gravity-defying
tits and 18 year old boys
with crazy plans.

John Maynard Keynes could
kiss my macro-economic ass.

I did not study much.
I did learn a lot though.

I learnt the art of the repartee.
The pleasures of being aimless.
The joys of people watching.
The love of cinema.
The delights of falling in love-
frequently and effortlessly.
And books.
Also the pointlessness of regret.

Things that really helped me
later in life.

Looking back,
I did graduate with
flying colours.

Only my parents don’t agree.



Why is it that only
when someone is gone
that we really begin to
miss them?

Why is ache the only
true measure of love?

Why does your
absence make you only
more present in my head?

Even more than when you are
next to me?

Why do I burn
when you praise another?

Why do I die when
you forget me for a day?

How far apart can we drift
if we are one soul still?

What is it that you
you want from me
that can not be put
in words?

Why are we like this?