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9th May 2014

He passed away today.
My favourite uncle.

A retired judge
who never judged
others too harshly.

Smart like a razor.
Soft like a rabbit.
Quiet and witty.
Shy and proud.

A father,
a charmer,
a rock,
an armour.

A man capable
of containing
immense contradictions.

Also affection.

Revered by his peers.
Adored by members
of his extended

A man who
liked his drinks tall,
his meat well done
and his repartee sharp.

A man who aged well.

Who never let the years
make him bitter
nor his regrets
sour his smile.

A man who
lived to the fullest.
Till his last day.

So long, Raghu Mamu.
You shall be sorely missed.


Forty Five

I woke up
this morning
aged forty five.

It’s not so bad really.

It’s like being forty
minus the midlife crisis.

Here’s how it is.

The keen edge of
desperation is gone.

You are way calmer.
The women still adore you.
You write way better.
You read less books.
You read more life.
You walk away from fools.
You have fewer but firmer friends.
You do less stupid things.
You are more sure of yourself.
You hurry less.
Including in bed.

Women adore you even more.

You talk less.
You eat better.
You take better care of yourself.
You count your blessings.
You drinks more water.

You do not miss your youth.
Much fun was had.
But good riddance to that fever.

Looking forward to fifty.

Five years will fly.
In the blink of an eye.