Monthly Archives: November 2014

-The Chase

We spend a
lifetime chasing
and forget
to be happy.

Like it’s some place
we can reach
if we run everyday,
from the time
we wake up
to the time
we sleep.

We forget to stop
and to stare.

We forget to enjoy
the rain in our skin,
the sun on our back,
the clutch of a little hand,
The press of warm lips,
the warmth of a long hug,
a good laugh.

We wait for that
happiness which will
end all happinesses
to come and sweep us
off our feet…
as it gently laps against
our toes.

Time goes by.

We become old
and sad and

We ignore the
awesome and the
ignores us.

Serves us right!



We are all trapped here.

Bright little song birds
in the golden cages
of our choices.

Dreaming of blue skies,

Our songs long

Tiny teeth of regret
gnaw at our hearts
as we lie in our beds
every night, staring
into the darkness.

Our gods are all dead.

We’ve have lost
our chance at
We have lost the
will to love.

Our friends are few.
Our youth is fading.

Our shoulders sag
under the weight
of our compromises.

It gets tougher every
morning to roll off the bed
and face the day.

Yet we carry on.

Because hope
won’t die.

It just won’t.

It staggers along
carrying us with it
like a punch-drunk fighter.

No amount of beating
makes it give up the ghost,
throw in the towel,

And as long as hope
is here, so are we.

There is no way out.

The game

She sits two tables away
with her friends.

She’s young and
pretty and she
knows it.

The self consciousness
of attractive women
in crowded places.

I don’t look away.

I know I should.
But someone in my
head says ‘fuck it!’

And as if she heard
the words, she turns
het head and looks
at me.

Still talking to her friends.
A smile on her lips.

Our eyes lock.

And stay locked
long enough for the time
it takes recite a poem of

Then she looks away.

No longer sure of herself.

I grin to myself and
ask the waiter
for the cheque.

I’m still good.
Very good.

One last question

Why do we know each other
since an eternity?

And how come we just met?

How are your
eyes warmer than
every quilt I know?

Why is your smile
a kiss curling upwards?

are you looking
at me like that?

Why are you are mine and unavailable?

Wait, one last question?

What was your name again?