Monthly Archives: March 2015

Be Good

It’s tough being 
You have to trust others, 
which is dangerous.
You have to obey rules,
which is stupid.
You have to be fair,
which is unprofitable.
To be disappointed often 
yet not be bitter.
To be wronged daily and 
yet not be vengeful.
That takes some serious 
To watch the unscrupulous
flaunt their wealth.
To hear the corrupt boast and 
yet not lose faith in fair play.
That takes some serious delusion. 
You have to be a little crazy 
to be decent.
But it’s good crazy.
And the world needs 
more of you.


It’s frustrating

A bit like losing 3G

while using maps 
on the phone.
I know you are around. 
But I can’t reach you.

I know because If 
I send you fifteen messages 
you send a smiley back.
And I stare it for hours 
trying to decode the 
Every time the smiley looks different.  
Sometimes it looks like 
a polite ‘fuck off’
Sometimes like 
a tiny hope.
Sometimes like 
crushing indifference.
Words between us 
have thinned to a trickle.
The silences are lengthening.
You don’t want to be 
found just yet. 
I get it.
I disappear a lot too. 
Remember that I love you. 
Know that I will find you. 
Because I can’t bear to 
lose you. 


There was a time when 
your mother just 
had to bear you. 
Then the family took over.
Grandmothers told you stories.
Grandfathers spoiled you.
Aunts fed you and cleaned you and sang and danced for you.
Uncles taught you skills.
Cousins taught you mischief. 
You could sleep on 
any bed in the house.
Ask any woman in 
the house for food.
Ask any man in the 
house for money 
for sweets.
And you played
from dawn to dusk.
And slept like a log at night.
Then progress happened.
And the family
got nuked.
Now we are three people 
packed in a two bed 
Our children 
watch TV all the time
while we are buried in our smartphones.
While bored butterflies yawn in deserted gardens.
No one chases them anymore.

And why not? 

Everyone hopes.

Hope is what 

makes the world 
go round. 
Hope is what let’s
us sleep every night and 
what makes us
leave bed every morning. 
Hope is the heart
not listening to the head.
Hope is courage laughing
in the face of calamity.
Hope is belief flipping the 
bird to logic. 
Fuck logic though! 
Who wants to live 
in a world where there
are no miracles? 

Good luck, Team India! 

This is not a war.

This is a hunt.
And if you are not 
the predator, 
you are the prey.
Simple as that.
Don’t be fooled by the 
neatly mowed greens.
It’s a jungle out there.
Leave the man.
Become the animal. 
Stop thinking.
Be the moment.
Be all instinct.
Be the unwavering 
eye of the eagle.
Be the crouch of the tiger. 
Be the coil of the serpent.
Sniff the air for fear. 
Wait for mistakes.
Watch for weaknesses.
And when you sense 
doubt, strike.
All fangs and fury. 
All quick and ruthless.
Make the kill clean.
For if you don’t, 
you’ll be lunch instead.
That’s how it goes. 
Bon appetit! 


When you know that you don’t know you’re anxious.

When you know
that you can’t know 
you are at peace. 
Wisdom of the universe 
lies in these two words – 
‘Fuck it!’ 
Why are you the way you are?
Why is the world the way it is?
God knows.
But He isn’t telling. 
Throw up your hands.
Throw in the towel. 
Walk away with a grin.
Pour yourself a gin.
Just because it rhymes.
Not because there’s a reason. 

My head is a sieve 


I read an article on 

Twitter today.
It said memory 
isn’t actually 

Every time a new memory 
comes in through the door
an old one slips away.
Silently. Unnoticed. 
As I try and memorise 
a client’s phone number, 
things slip away. 
The taste of little 
red berries that 
we picked on our way 
to school. 
The name of my   
favourite Chinese 
restaurant I loved as a kid. 
The smell of my 
grandmother’s pillow. 
Remembering is actually 
about about forgetting. 
As we are trying to hold on
our head is letting go. 
Very zen, I thought. 
Now I will try and remember that.