Monthly Archives: February 2016

Her trip

Last night
she opened a
a door in her head
and walked out
and breathed in forests
and bathed in moonlight
and spoke in wave-hiss.

And as the night explained
the machinery of dreams
to her, a sudden understanding
flooded her veins
pumped by a heart
not closed as a fist
but open
as a flower
in the



Be a dog.

Gnaw on bones of contention.
Growl at purrs of contentment.

Fuck contentment.

Never pass a pile of shit
without sniffing it.
Or crotch.

Be eager.
Stay desperate.

Leap at any biscuit shooting across the sky.

Wag your tail.
Pant a little.
Play catch with life.

It’s fun to be alive.

So much to bow.
So much wow.