Monthly Archives: September 2016


Disembodied recorded
instructions float to me
over the pressurised cabin air
to put the seatbelt on
as black monsoon clouds
gather outside my window like
a gang of hoodlums.

And then the
roller coaster starts.

Panic knots itself
into a tight fist in
the pit of my stomach
as the plane leaps
around like a startled frog.

I glance at my neighbour.

He’s gripping the
hand rest with his
eyes shut, mumbling
the Hanuman Chalisa.

As if the monkey god
will save him if this
tin can falls from
the sky.

What if this tin can really falls?

What about the books
I haven’t gotten
around to writing because I
am such a lazy fuck?
What about the places I haven’t visited?
Women I haven’t loved yet?

Will I be missed or forgotten
in a year?
And who’ll miss me?

A turbulence in my own
head as thoughts bounce
around in my head.

I open my eyes to a ‘ting’.

The seatbelt sign is off.
The worst is over.
We will all live.

How boring.