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It began pouring at 8am sharp. 

Anarchist rain.

Throwing watery spanners
in the works of capitalism.

Making everyone equal
in their need for deep fried pakoras and hot tea.

Making office goers slip on
the treadmill of the 9 to 5.

Stealing the thunder from
the rush hour.

Make this dirty, whore
of a town laugh in its
puddles like a little girl. 

Giving the teeming robots
on its streets a bit of their
soul back. 

This is baby making weather.

Fuck presentations. 


Ever changing

The older I grow
the more goodbyes I say.

To friends, lovers,
places and beliefs
I once cherished.

With every goodbye
a bit of me dies.

Mutating me.

The sun is the same.
And so is the moon.
Only I am different.

With every burning of the
bridge, my old map thrown away.

With very new chapter,
my story made new.

Everything is Maya.
One massive illusion
that heaves and changes
with every breath.