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Counting my blessings

When you left me
I wanted to throw a
Molotov cocktail into
your car.

I wanted to
machine gun
your entire
unsympathetic family.

I wanted to dynamite
your house.

I wanted to guillotine
your asinine friends.

And castrate your
future husband.

And in a few
short years I’ve
forgotten how the
fuck do you even
look like.

Thank god for
a bad memory


Just asking

How can you unravel
the angry, tangled ball
that I am,
with such ease?

How do you know that
the only way to
un-clench the clenched
fist of anger is to pry
open each
finger with a kiss?

Starting with the
little finger?

How do you know
me so well?

Is it because you are
as tangled as me?

Wound tighter with
each wound an unforgiving
life inflicts?

Is it because are as
thin-skinned as me?

Is it because everything
hurt you too?

How do you know
me so well?

Also, where the hell
were you
all my life?