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Twenty one million
people wake up every morning
and snort three lines.

Western,  Central and Eastern.

This coke trip called Mumbai.

And the frenzied mob with a
mad glint in their eyes
pour out to the streets
jostling, pushing, honking,
bitching, screaming, snarling,
scheming, plotting, betting,
climbing, loving, hating.

Helpless nervous twitches
In the clutches of
dreams and terrors.

Lonely fuck
hooked to the hamster
wheel of ambition.

Zombie armies of
efficiency who fuck
out of habit and drink
out of rage.

Running at breakneck
speed just to be in
the same place
till the heart
gives out.

Or the mind.

Expensive habit.
But then nothing is cheap.



It began pouring at 8am sharp. 

Anarchist rain.

Throwing watery spanners
in the works of capitalism.

Making everyone equal
in their need for deep fried pakoras and hot tea.

Making office goers slip on
the treadmill of the 9 to 5.

Stealing the thunder from
the rush hour.

Make this dirty, whore
of a town laugh in its
puddles like a little girl. 

Giving the teeming robots
on its streets a bit of their
soul back. 

This is baby making weather.

Fuck presentations. 

A vision

Walking down a
busy, bustling
street, I looked up one
evening and saw the
North Star twinkling

And I don’t know why
I thought of the first people.

The ones who refused
to be just content monkeys.

The ones who climbed
down from the canopy and
claimed the earth.

Who stood straight on their two feet
and looked up in amazement at this
thing blazing away like a crazy diamond
over their heads.

Their mouths slightly open,.
the way mine was.
The timeless
expression of awe.

A shiver must surely have run down
their recently erect spines,
as it did down mine,
at this dazzling kiss of infinity.

And then someone bumped
into me so hard, I almost fell.

It was a disgusted teenager.

He furiously rubbed his shoulder,
snarled a ‘You fucking blind?’,
buried his head back in in his phone
and stormed off.

Are you blind if you
see too much?