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True that

We can lie to others
only if they don’t
already know the truth.

Lying to ourselves
is way easier.

Knowing the truth
doesn’t stop us from
fooling ourselves.

We are masters
of self deception.

There is no proof
that God exists yet
we still believe.

We know we can die
any minute yet
we still plan.

We know the odds are
against us yet we
still gamble.

We know the flirts will
break our hearts yet
we still fall in love.

What we’d like to believe
is a billon times stronger
than the truth.

It’s a drug called hope.

And it makes us
our greatest


The Golden Cage

Two prefix designation.
Eight figure salary.
Three bedroom apartment.
Four gold credit cards.
I thought I had got it made.
Until I met you.
You cared for none
the above.
You laughed at my
big job.
‘This is just a golden
cage, my love!”
You used to say.
Always wise beyond
your years.
Wise and beautiful.
I didn’t
understand what
you meant then.
Till the day
I stepped
out of the cage.
And saw the sky
without bars
for the first time.
Long after you had gone.
I am a free bird now.
Thank you for the wings.
Thank you for
these wings.


I read somewhere
that only the
paranoid survive.

If that is true,
I most certainly
don’t wish to survive.

I will not go though life
looking over my shoulder,
chewing my nails raw,
double checking every lock,
suspecting of every one.

What shit!

Who wants to live in
a world like that?
Not me.

Yes, there is enough
bad in this world.

But if I only think
of that what a waste
that is
of my time here.

This insanely beautiful
world that can choke you up
with its beauty, if you
care to just stop and look.

Rob me blind.
Take everything I own.

What will be left is
everything I cherish.

That’s enough, really.
More than enough.

Try not to sin

If you believe in
an all merciful God
it is a sin to despair.

For every door that
the world slams shut
on your face He opens
a thousand new doors.

To be disappointed with
life is the closest
you can come to

His kindness is
infinite like the night sky
and though we are many
He has time for us all.

That’s why He’s God.

He watches over snails
and cats and prime ministers
and chimpanzees  with equal

And perhaps smiles a little
when prime ministers
think they are more important
than snails.

Hope is Heaven.
Hell is despair.

And we hold both
within us.

To choose hell is a sin
when you can live
in heaven.


Misery is the glue that
binds stronger than
any happiness.

It is the only true test of love.

Anyone can be
a friend in fair weather.
A lover, in springtime.

It’s the hard, cold wind
that separates
hope from belief.

It’s the thorns that pave the
road that
separate the pilgrim
from the curious.

We have walked the
unforgiving mile, without
forgetting to kiss.

I rest my case.

This one’s for you, Boston!

You’ll outrun this,
you city of runners.

Don’t let a few mad dogs
snapping at your heels
break your stride.

You will outrun this pain too.
This  despair, this outrage
this pointless  tragedy.

Just put one foot
before the other.

Just keep breathing
and stay focused
on the road ahead.

And the road only goes ahead.

Hate can’t blow it up.
Cowardice can’t block it.

You are here for the long run.

And you don’t run alone.

The answer

God gave me everything
I ever asked him for
as a single answer.


A kindred of soul
that I have prayed for
in nights darker
than sin,
blacker than

My lost other half.
The one that completes me.

Only  you get my drift.
Only you dance to
the mad songs
my heart sings.

What a sweet fate!

To live loved and
to die understood.