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Dear Dad

You turn
seventy five today.

That is three quarters
of a century, dad!

You have survived
the Great Depression,
the Second World War,
the British Rule,
the Partition
and two insane


You have never let your
poor eye sight come
in the way of devouring

You have never let your
humble beginnings
make you miserly
about money.

Nor your frail health
from teaching thousands
of students, tirelessly.

Forty long years of the
chalk and the blackboard
and moulding young  minds.

You must love it.

‘ Those who can, do.
Those who can’t, teach.’
you are fond of saying.

I disagree, dad.

Few men have achieved
so much with so little.

You are still my biggest hero.

And I’ll ┬ábe proud
if I am half the
man you are.