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I flew a kite today
after almost three decades.

As the fragile bamboo and paper
contraption caught the wind
and whirled and dipped ,
muscle memory
flooded back and I tugged
at the string with a deftness
quite new to my middle aged

I watched my nine year old
fed on a diet of YouTube and
Playstation clap and jump with delight
at this novel display of realtime
aerodynamics, as I remembered
a tired old man, the warrior
Bhishma, lying on a bed
of arrows in the foggy
fields of Kurukshetra,
waiting for this day die.

This, holiest of Hindu holy days.


The day when winter breathes its last
and the days begin to get longer.
The nights shorter.

Less darkness.
More light.

“Tamasoma jyotir gamaya”

The ancient hymn from
Rig Veda urging us escape
the murkiness within.

To light.
To light.
To light.


Don’t judge

The West believes
in pure evil.

We don’t.

No one, we believe, is all bad.
Including our super villains.

Duryodhana was
kind to Karna.
Ravana was wise and pious.

Our bad guys are good
guys doing bad things
for a good reason.

Our myths teach us
that a man is but a
slave to his passions.

Our tales teach
us to be tolerant.
To be open minded.
To understand more.

They teach that there are
crimes but no criminals.

Just human blinded by
their circumstance.

Our stories made us
cool thousands
of years before
‘not judging’
was cool,