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See, the problem is..

We are not one species.

We are two species –
men and women.

We may look and
sound like each other.
but we are nothing
like each other.

Not even close.

But this is the fucking thing:
we fall in love.
Or what we both call love.

With two entirely
different meanings
beyond the realms
of language.

Love is the elephant in the room.

And we are
like two blind people,
groping at it, trying to
figure out what the
fuck it could be.

All our fucking lives.


A kind of blindness

We think we see everything.
We actually don’t.

We see what we want to see.

Never what is.

Never the whole truth.

The jealous see
flirtation In the most
innocent of smiles.

The suspicious
see betrayal

see nothing but
profit and loss.

The law sees everyone
as guilty
until proven innocent.

Our world is broken up,
by the bars we hold dear.

We, the prisoners of our pasts.

May be the whole truth
Is too much
to handle, too

May be this partial
blindness is a smart
evolutionary insurance
against insanity.

So that there are
less Sufi poets and
more white collar workers.

That’s the way I see it.

How about you? .